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Email Templates (legacy use only)

…The emails used with the modules and features mentioned above are based on the email template selected. You can manage email templates in Settings → Email Templates. Creating Email Templates…

The New CRM

Email templates: Creating emails

…creating a new e-mail template, but the editor works in a completely similar way for e-mails as well. The completed email template can be copied as the email template by…

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Configuring GDPR Tools

…information directly from the contact card in CRM. For more information about creating document templates, see Managing and Creating Document Templates, and for information about writing tags, see Document Templates…

The New CRM

Email Templates: Sending Mass Mail

…ready to send. There is more information about compiling e-mail templates and e-mails in CRM’s new editor in the E-mail templates: Creating e-mails guide, and about creating campaigns in the…

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templates used all around the system. — Automatic Emails Setting up emails sent automatically from Target Groups or Campaigns modules. Document Templates Creating and editing document templates used in modules….

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…Saving as a template is done by entering the edit mode of the existing workflow, clicking the Save as Template button and determining a name for the template. After this…

Technical Guide

The SOAP Interface

The SOAP Interface Introduction SOAP is a part of the CRM-service’s open Web Service interfaces. This document provides a technical overview to developers for integrating third party applications with CRM-service….

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Portal Settings

…All the email templates used in portal settings are created in Settings → Email Templates) Reset password template – the email template used, when the customer asks for a password…

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Target Groups

…The person assigned to this group. If the target group relates to an email template, you will need to add the wanted email template to the field Send email template….

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Mail Scanner

…up the email template, which is used in the emails. This is done in Settings → E-mail Templates by editing the Change Comments template (see the picture below). The picture…

Contact Center

Contact Portal

…contact’s information, which will then be updated in the CRM right after saving. It is possible to send the contacts email templates that are branded for the company. Therefore in…

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Setting up the Discussion Tool

…button (see the picture below). In the email notification picklist, you can select the email template (for more information about creating the templates, see Email Templates) and in the automatic…

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E-Signing E-Signing is a separately activated feature, which allows the entire signing process from document management to signing and storing of signed documents to be handled within CRM. No separate…

Technical Guide

CRM-service CIWS Library for SOAP

…class Program { static void Main(string[] args) { CrmSettings.SearchManager.SetBuffer(int.MaxValue); //code } } }   All available methods All available methods can be found from CRM Integration Webservice documentation page: https://yourCrmSite/CrmIntegrationWebservice/service.php?class=documentation…

Service Security Overview

…information, constantly monitoring and improving our application, systems and processes to meet the growing demands and challenges of security. This document outlines some of the mechanisms and processes we have…

General Terms

…imported to the Service. File denotes documents of any kind (images, spreadsheets, text files, etc.) that are uploaded to the Service by the Client, and are usually associated with a…

Technical Guide

CRM-service Active Directory Integration

CRM-service Active Directory Integration General This document describes the high level design of Active Directory integration. The implementation of AD-integration covered in this document does not contain single sign on…

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Module Tools

…Lead. In addition, there is also a guide for using tags in module tools that send email (e.g. Email document template, Notify User, Mail reminder): Tags in Emails sent by…

Update Release Notes

6-2022, June Release Notes

…individual contacts in the new interface You can now use a module tool in the contacts module to send an email template to an individual contact. The tool can be…

User Guide

Filters in legacy interface

…Creates a new filter. Copy – Copies the current filter to use as a template for a new one. Edit – Edits the current filter. Primarily you can only edit…

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