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Linking survey to email

General Once you have completed the survey, you can distribute it via an email link. The survey can be attached to the email as a text link or a button. In this guide, we will show an example of both. Start For this guide, we assume you already have an email template for sending this […]

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Mass Event Surveys

Introduction A person registering to a mass event, can be presented with a registration form, that can be used to collect all the needed information from each registrated person right away. The registration form is unique for each mass event, so the questions and types of questions can be alternated when needed. If registrations are […]

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Surveys – General Settings

General The survey settings are divided into three parts. This article will go through the general settings and the page settings, and there is a separate guide for questions. The survey section guides you through the general settings of the survey. The general settings that are used for all pages and questions are made in […]

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Surveys – Setting up a new survey

General In the surveys module, it is possible to create different surveys that can be sent to users via email or during mass event registrations. This guide explains all parts of a survey in general terms, from creating a survey to introducing the parts of the editor. Instructions for surveys made specifically for mass events […]

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