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Automatic Emails

Automatic Emails From the CRM In CRM it is possible send automatic emails based on email templates to predetermined target groups. The emails can also have online surveys (Q&As) linked to them to gather important information regarding e.g. a campaign or event. There are two ways to send and automate emails: The email is sent based […]

User Guide

ECP: Surveys

Surveys Introduction In the Email Contact Portal (ECP), you can create surveys which will be sent to the recipient along with the email, so that the survey can be accessed through a link in the email. The possibilities of the emails are numerous: with them, you can e.g. ask for feedback, learn more about customer […]

Admin Guide

Public Registration for Invitation Events

Public Registration for Invitation Events The Self-Service Portal provides multiple options for gathering registrations for invitation events. For customers who sign in to the portal, you can grant access to browse events and sign up for them, and also to cancel their registration. On the other hand, the portal also enables you to activate public […]

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