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Update Release Notes

2021-12-09, December Release Notes

CRM Suomen Asiakastieto connector available in the new interface The customers who are using Suomen Asiakastieto (SAT) connector can now access the function also in the new interface. The function is located in the home page and has a renewed look to match the new interface. All the same functionalities are still present. Sent newsletters […]

Update Release Notes

2022-01-12, January Release Notes

CRM New Mass Events module A new and improved module for managing events, trainings etc. in the new interface. The new module introduces entirely new features, including e.g. subevents and open events as an event registration type. Automatic email communication about the event and registration surveys now also have their own views in the event’s […]

Update Release Notes

2022-02-10, February Release Notes

CRM KPI views in the Mass Events module Each mass event now has a static KPI view which shows the event’s current number of registrations, cancellations and people in spare places. Improvements in the Mass Events module Module tools are now enabled in the module, the attendees’ and personnel’s role can be edited afterwards, the […]

Update Release Notes

2022-03-10, March Release Notes

CRM Product bundling Products can now be bundled in the new interface. A bundle consists of a main product and sub products, and it can be created and maintained on the main product’s Product bundle tab. A bundle enables selecting all the bundled products at once for quotes etc., and the sub products are shown […]

Update Release Notes

2022-04-07, April Release Notes

CRM New Relations module¬† An entirely new module, which is meant for creating relations between entities from different modules in the CRM. The module enables creating a link between almost any modules in the system. Improvements in Surveys There is a new question type in surveys which enables uploading a file as an attachment. The […]

Update Release Notes

2022-05-12, May Release Notes

CRM Two-factor authentication in CRM login If the two-factor authentication (2FA) is activated, the CRM users are required to first use their username and password, and then a PIN code sent by email to log in. The PIN code is valid for 15 minutes after starting the login. The function can be activated in the […]

Update Release Notes

2022-06-09, June Release Notes

CRM Mass edit in the new interface Mass edit has been renewed for the new interface to better meet the needs in the most used operations. The function enables editing data in picklists, multipicklists, checkboxes and date fields for up to 100 entities at a time. Admins and the managers of reporting units/groups can also […]

Update Release Notes

2022-08-11, August Release Notes

CRM Recurring invoicing enabled in the new interface Sales orders can now create recurring invoices also in the new interface. The function can be accessed in the sales orders’ actions. Similarly to the legacy interface, to enable recurring invoicing, the sales order has to have products that are enabled for recurring invoicing and are billed […]

Update Release Notes

2022-09-1, September Release Notes

Update 1.9.2022 between 17-20 (+2 gmt) CRM Contacts’¬† Self-Service Portal access can now be maintained also in the new interface New workflows for adding/removing Self-Service Portal access; the workflows enable automated access control Invoice date in the mass events’ invoicing function can now be edited Row fields now available for use in filters and charts […]

Update Release Notes

2022-11-03, November Release Notes

Update 3.11.2022 at 17-18 (EET) CRM Answers to a (mass event’s) survey can now be deleted Contacts’ answers to a survey can now be deleted either manually or automatically based on a scheduled delete. This applies to the answers to each question provided by the contact; the information about a completed survey will remain saved. […]

Update Release Notes

2023-03-02 March Release Notes

Changes CRM Survey editor now supports dynamic questions. List topics are now supporting translation. CRM view is now updated after the module tool Run HTTP request is clicked. Field setting now allows the user to select the option to format text. Filters and quick filters have received a coherency update on date selections. In case […]

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