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Admin Guide

Approval Queue

Approval Queue With approval queues you can manage entities by having them approved by certain user(s) before it can be used. Approval queues are always created as custom work, but an admin can then manage the user permissions of the queues. For a new approval queue you’ll need to determine the information that needs to be locked and approved, […]

Admin Guide

Information Security – IP Permissions

Managing IP Permissions You can manage IP permissions in Settings → IP Permissions. If there aren’t any permissions (denied or allowed IP addresses) determined, the system will allow signing in from any IP address. By default, the system allows only CRM service provider’s IP addresses whose types are Permanent. Every change in permissions (creating, editing and […]

Admin Guide

Permissions – Business Intelligence

CRM-Service Analytics (Business Intelligence) Introduction CRM-Service Analytics (Business Intelligence) is a chargeable plugin for the CRM-service system. The BI module contains tools for online analysis of the CRM data in different views. The technology used is based on the best BI-technology on the market, Qlik Sense. BI permissions are always personal (named CRM-service user). These users’ […]

Admin Guide

System Access

System Access Management Definitions Entity = One saved record in the system, e.g. one account or quote. Introduction System access can be set for each entity, so that on the strictest (=lowest) access level each user can only see their own entities. Every entity has always only one owner, which can be either an individual user or […]

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