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Contact Center

Contact Center – Super Transfer

General The super transfer is the call forwarding system in the Contact Center. Using this feature, agents can easily forward calls inside and outside the system. We are offering two ways to forward calls. Two ways are called the blind transfer and the accompanying transfer. The main difference between these two ways is that in […]

Contact Center

Contact Center Mobile Application

Contact Center App for Mobile Introduction Answer calls where ever you are with the Contact Center Mobile App. The application works seamlessly together with the CRM and the desktop version of Contact Center. The app has all the same features for making and receiving calls as the desktop app, excluding the admin settings. Contact Center […]

Contact Center

Contact Portal

Contact Portal The Contact Portal is a part of the portals provided by CRM-service Oy. It includes modern functionalities, real-time connection to CRM, and reporting features. Like the CRM, the Contact Portal is a fully cloud-based service. Admin users have full control of the Contact Portal. If the user is the admin in CRM, then […]

Contact Center

Contact Portal: Settings and Actions

Campaign Settings and Actions in Contact Portal In addition to the regular modules, an admin user in Contact Portal can see the Admin module, where it is possible to manage campaign settings. These include i.a. assigning the agents to campaigns, activating survey and email templates and determining tools and other settings for the campaign. The […]

Admin Guide

Reporting Contact Center Data in CRM

Reporting Call Results in CRM In addition to the numeric reports in the portal, the results of the calls performed in Contact Center and Contact Portal can also be reported in CRM. This can be done with the report generator and with related lists on the More Information tabs of Accounts, Contacts and Campaigns. Report […]

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