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Completing Contact Information When Creating an Activity

Completing contact information when creating an activity With this functionality the user can update missing information while booking a meeting or making any other activity in the CRM. An admin is able to determine which fields of a contact card need to be completed if an activity is created for the contact. When an user is […]

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Dynamic Fields

Dynamic Fields Introduction With dynamic fields, you can set fields visible or hidden under certain conditions. Every field is visible by default, but with dynamic fields you can determine situations, in which some fields will not be visible at all – or on the contrary, in which the fields will be visible and even mandatory. The […]

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Editing and Dividing the More Information Tab

Editing and Dividing the More Information Tab Introduction Every entity in every module in the CRM has a More Information tab. By default, this tab shows information about other modules’ entities that are linked to the particular entity: for instance the More Information tab of an account could show all the invoices (and contacts, activities, etc.) […]

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Entity’s Owner

Entity Owner Settings In the CRM-service system there is only one owner or assignee for every entity (Account, Contact, Sales Order, etc.). The owner can either be an individual user or a group. Every entity’s assignee settings can be edited in the module’s settings by clicking the Settings button  in the right module and then selecting the […]

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Field Translations

Translating the Fields of the Modules The default language in the CRM system is English and therefore some of the fields in the modules may show in English when not translated individually. You can do and improve the translations to different languages in Settings → Translate Fields. The picture below shows the field translations of the Accounts […]

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Layout Editor

Layout Editor Introduction The layout of each module can be fully customised in a way that best works for you. The module’s entity cards, meaning e.g. a single account’s information on the Accounts module, consist of blocks and fields in them. You can edit edit, add, hide and remove the fields, and additionally, change their grouping and order in […]

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Picklist Editor

Picklist Editor Picklists can be created in the layout editor of the module. You can add, edit and remove the values in this picklist in the picklist editor by clicking the edit button  on the picklist’s row (see the picture below). Another way to get to the picklist editor is through settings (Settings → Picklist Editor), but this option does not show the […]

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Related Lists

Related Lists Introduction The More Information tabs in each module have permanent default views, which show information related to the entity. Even though these views are handy, they might not always show the right things from the right perspective: a permanent view could e.g. show all the activities of the contact, but the need might be […]

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