2023-02-02 February Release Notes

Update 2.2.2023 at 17-18 (EET)


Filters and listings

  • Thousands separator is space on KPI numbers; Also numbers on fields are shown with space as thousand separator
  • Quick Filter usage made quicker
    • The go-button is removed. The selections made by the user update the list automatically
    • The date selection opens again as a picklist
  • Kanban shows all entities; The limit 20 is removed
  • Navigation in filters from the list to list is improved
  • Related list of over 20 entities allows opening all the files; without clicking to the next page and back

General usage flow

  • Module tool gives notice after usage; Some of the module tools are run in the background and now it is more visible to the user that the work is started.
  • Entity Selection Pop-Up fields are as default the same as in the Default list on filters; Campaign, Spaces, Files, Vendors, E-mail templates and Mass-Events
  • Entity relations showing the correct module
  • Navigation from the menu using CTRL+left click opens a new tab
  • Default currency comes from the user settings to row-based entities
  • The product can have many relations to Accounts; Behind the Product, users can add accounts related to the product.
  • The file can be uploaded thru the file field to the CRM-system


  • Module tool parameter supporting _id endings; example: cf_contact2_id
  • Mass-invoicing dynamic field formulas including ID-types is supported and run
  • Reports has new way to do counting: Distinct
  • General fixes; improvements in performance and security


Self-Service Portal

  • All the currencies are supported as in CRM-service system.
  • Contact editing via Sales Order
  • Updating Sales Order with new products


Invoice Sender

  • Bug fix on using two reminder channels
  • JSON invoice data connection to any SFTP site

Netvisor Connector

  • Support to deferral accounting

New Connectors:

  • Billecta; Built to support Autogiro invoicing
  • EmCe; Moves the Invoice data from CRM to accounting purposes
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