2022-03-10, March Release Notes


  • Product bundling

Products can now be bundled in the new interface. A bundle consists of a main product and sub products, and it can be created and maintained on the main product’s Product bundle tab. A bundle enables selecting all the bundled products at once for quotes etc., and the sub products are shown as sub rows to the main product.

  • Improvements in Mass Events

Mass Events now have a tab showing the participants’ answers to registration survey and the answers can be exported in Excel format. The participants’ roles also include a new option, No-show.

The email editor supports tags for Mass Event fields, which enables having e.g. the Mass Event’s name or date in an email.

The Mass Events’ email triggers’ validation and usability have been improved.

  • Improvements in filters

Filter’s conditions are now more versatile, as condition groups and OR conditions have been enabled and custom multiselect picklists are more usable in conditions.

Modules’ fields are shown in alphabetical order from now on and a case where fields where fields weren’t visible if relation to rows was added has also been fixed.

  • Improvements in inventory rows

The rows’ order can now be changed by dragging and dropping and a copy button has been added for copying rows more easily.

  • The user is now redirected to correct location, if they used a direct link before logging in
  • Text area fields now clean up any unnecessary HTML
  • Improvements on the home page; element’s scaling has been improved if the screen resolution is adjusted and the Filter element cuts very long texts
  • Improvements in projects’ and projects phases’ dates’ validation
  • Inventory rows’ Description field can now be used in the dynamic field formulas
  • Dynamic field formulas are supported when adding files to module
  • Search by account or contact enabled in the Activities module
  • Fixes in credit notes’ totals if discount is used
  • Fixes in activities’ guide texts
  • Fixes in module tools that send document templates by email
  • Fixes in monthly-run scheduled tasks 


  • A logic for pausing the invoice sending at night
  • Improved logging
  • Improved error handling


  • The authentication method for a viewer is always set as email


Contact Center

A new version of Contact Center, which enables using our own service as the operator, has been published during Q1. This version does not affect the application’s functionalities, all the features from the previous version are present.


Self-Service Portal

  • New function: Space booking

With the booking function, portal users who have logged in can view and make booking requests in a calendar view showing the availability of determined locations, conference rooms or other spaces.

The function is based on the Activities and Spaces modules. A booking request for a space automatically creates an activity for the space with ‘Planned’ status, and it can be confirmed by CRM users by updating the status.

  • Mass Events: the user can now select their registration role while registering
  • Fixes in member application form; the account selection is empty by default and duplicate creation is prevented


Alma Talent Connector

  • API for updating account’s information with a module tool


Additional advanced tool: CSV to CRM importer

A new tool makes it possible to import data to any module in the CRM from CSV files.

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