Sales Orders

In the Sales Orders, you can create new Sales Orders or create invoice templates for Mass Invoicing.

Here are the explanations for some of the most common fields used in Sales Orders:

  • Status – The status of the template will also determine the initial status of the invoices.
  • Due date – The due date for the invoices.
  • Subject – The subject of the template, and also the invoices.
  • E-billing company – The billing company used in the invoices.
  • Product rows – These rows are copied for each invoice.
  • Language – The language of the invoices, if in use.
  • Template – The invoice template for the invoices, if in use.
  • Description – The description of the template, which is copied for the invoices.
  • Terms and Conditions – The terms and conditions of the template which are copied for the invoices.


Fields which are necessary when using a Sales Order as a Mass invoicing template:

  • Mass invoicing target filter – A filter in any module that determines the target group for the invoices. This is complemented by a Mass invoicing target.
  • Mass invoicing target – Information that determines which accounts/contacts in the target filter the invoices will be targeted at. If the filter is in the Accounts or Contacts module, the option “CRMID” refers to the entities in the filter.
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