Contents of Admin Guides


This page presents all the admin guides. The headers and order of the guides have been adapted from the admin settings panel – in addition, there are independent sections for the guides about module-specific settings and features, add-ins and portals.

Note, that these guides are for system administrators – therefore they are about implementing and setting up the system, and the user needs admin rights to carry out the steps in the guides. If you need guidance on using the features that are already set up, see our User Guides.


Users and Access Management

System Access Managing system access for users through Roles, Profiles, Groups and System Access rules.
User Login History A view for following the login history.
Sales Organization Hierarchy Setting up the sales organization hierarchy for the CRM system.
Sales Organization Access Determining the users’ access to custom reports and business intelligence reports regarding different sales channels and groups.
IP Permissions Setting up permissions for allowed or denied IP addresses.
BI Permissions Granting the users an access to different business intelligence views.
Web Service API Keys Managing the CRM system’s API keys.



Module Manager Activating and deactivating modules in the system.
Activating Languages in the System Activating system languages.
Picklist Editor Creating, editing and managing picklists and the values in them.
Editing and Dividing the Information tab Managing the views on More Information tabs and dividing the tab into several separate tabs.
— Related Lists Creating custom related lists for the More Information tabs on each module.
Menu Settings Adjusting the main navigation.
Field Translations Managing the translations of the field names in each module.
Global Translations Managing single term translations throughout the system.


Communication Templates


System Messages Activating and determining messages automatically sent to the users by the system.
Email Templates Creating and editing email templates used all around the system.
Document Templates Creating and editing document templates used in modules.
Document Templates – Convert ODF / OOXML to PDF Creating a tool to convert ODF, OOXML or RTF documents to PDF.
Document Templates – Using Tags in ODF/OOXML Templates Using tags in document templates.


Currency & Provision Handling

Currencies Managing the currencies and exchange rates available in the system.
Tax Calculations Managing default taxes in the system.
Currencies in Roles and Provisions Determining the currencies available for different roles and the currency used in provisions.
Product Based Commission Creating and managing the Product Based Commission provision group.


Other Settings

Product Select Popup Customization Determining the fields shown as filters in product selection popup.
Module Entity Numbering Customizing the numbering of the entities.
Mail Scanner Setting up and managing email scanners to create trouble tickets from emails.
Workflows Creating workflows for different modules.
Security Settings Managing the brute-force, session timeout and password settings.
Portal Settings Managing the settings for Support and Self Service Portals.
Module Tools Creating module tools and defining the rules for showing and running them.
Module Tool Parameters and Settings Guide for writing module tool parameters and determining other tool-specific settings.
Tags in Emails Sent by Module Tools Using tags in emails sent by module tools.
Consolidated Invoicing Module Tool Creating and using the Consolidated Invoicing module tool.
Interest Groups Setting up interest group types.
Mobile Settings Managing the mobile version settings.
Approval Queue Settings Setting up and using the approval queues.
Entity Archiving Activating archiving for module entities.
Scheduled Tasks Creating and managing scheduled tasks.


Actions and Features

Approval Queue Settings Setting up and using the approval queues.
Travelling Expense Approval Setting up the commuting expense approval process.
Data Import
CSV Import Importing data to the CRM with CSV files.
Configuring GDPR Tools Setting up tools for sending and deleting personal data.
Module Settings
Layout Editor Adjusting the layout and managing the fields and blocks on each module.
— Entity’s Owner Determining the type of the Assigned To field.
Setting up the Discussion Tool Creating discussion fields and setting up automatic notifications of new comments.
Dynamic Fields Creating dynamicity conditions to hide or show fields under certain conditions.
Dynamic Field Formulas Writing dynamic field formulas.
Examples of Dynamic Field Formulas Examples of useful dynamic field formulas to copy and adjust.
Workflows Creating workflows for different modules.
Module-Specific Settings
Completing Contact Information When Creating an Activity Determining the settings to enable completing contact information when creating an activity.
Scheduling Target Group Activities Determining the additional settings for target group activities and scheduling them.
Invoicing Purchase Orders Setting up the feature to enable invoicing purchase orders through quotes.
Project Settings Setting up permissions and other settings for project management.
Outlook Add-in
Downloading the Outlook Add-in Downloading the latest version of the Outlook Add-in.
Installing Outlook Add-in as a MSI file Installing the Outlook Add-in as a MSI file.
Outlook Add-in Setup Activating the Outlook Add-in for the first time.



Contact Center
Contact Center: Settings and Actions The setting possibilities in the Contact Center.
Reporting Contact Center Data in CRM Reporting call outcomes in the CRM.
Self-Service Portal


Self-Service Portal Introduction to Self-Service Portal and adding users to it.
Portal Settings Managing the settings for Self-Service Portal in the CRM.
Combined Shape