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Automatic Emails

Automatic Emails From the CRM In CRM it is possible send automatic emails based on email templates to predetermined target groups. The emails can also have online surveys (Q&As) linked to them to gather important information regarding e.g. a campaign or event. There are two ways to send and automate emails: The email is sent based […]

User Guide

ECP: Emails and Email Templates

Emails and Email Templates Introduction In the ECP (Email Contact Portal), all the functions and content are focused on the email to be sent. It is not clever to start each email from scratch: instead, it is recommended to create email templates, which make writing emails much faster and make sure that the same style […]

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Email Templates

Email Templates Several CRM modules and features handle and send emails, including the following: Modules Email, Target Groups, Campaigns and Invitation Events Send email template -module tool Discussion typed fields Portal Settings; emails concerning the support and self service portals Additional Settings; the field Email template for user password The permanent Change Comments template, which […]

Technical Guide

Sender Policy Framework permission to your email

MX record To allow CRM-service to send out email from a domain, the SPF record hosting the email requires a few settings. You can either insert the following MX record to the SPF record: or you can add the following value to the SPF record (recommended): Why give a permission to CRM-service to […]

Admin Guide

System Messages

System Messages You can manage function-specific automatic email messages sent by the system in Settings → System Messages. In Sending options, the sending time and dates, sender name and the email address(es) of the sender and recipient(s) are determined (see the picture below). In the section below, the you can activate or disable preconfigured system messages. The […]

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