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Adding a mass event calendar link to email

General Adding a calendar file (.ics) link to a mass event email allows the registered participant to easily add the event to their calendar application with a single click. This simplifies the whole process since the attendee does not need to add the event to their calendar manually. Start After the mass event has been […]

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CC Address Field

General CC addresses are used to send copies of the message to wanted addresses. This is available in the HelpDesk module after the “CC Address” field is activated in the settings by the admin user. Start After the field has been activated on settings, it should be visible in the entity. Users can add emails […]

User Guide

Email Templates: Testing Links

General In general, the links placed in the email template work flawlessly, as long as the link address is correct. However, if you want to make sure that every link in the email template works correctly, you can use the following instructions to test the links. There are two different options available, from which the […]

Admin Guide

Mass Mailing Scheduling Settings

General Mass mailing can be sheduled, so it will be delivered to the recipients at the specified time. For this functionality there might be a need to adjust the admin settings, and those adjustments are explained in this article. Specific instructions on how to schedule mass mailing can be found here. Start Adjusting the settings […]

Technical Guide

Sender Policy Framework permission to your email

SPF Record To allow CRM-service to send out email from a domain, the SPF record hosting the email requires a few settings. To do so, you can add the following value to the SPF record: Why give a permission to CRM-service to send out e-mail? The Sender Policy Framework (SPF) is a simple email […]

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Set up new email sending addresses

General The default system email address is By adjusting settings, it is possible to add other addresses that will appear in the picklist using the friendly name you give them when setting up the address.  Please note that different email services will show the sender differently. So depending on which program the email is […]

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Setting Up the Module Tool for Sending Individual Emails

Introduction The module tool CRM2 Send email enables sending email templates in the new interface to individual contacts. You can also include a document template and/or static files from the Files module to be sent as attachments to the email. The tool can be activated for the Contacts module and any module that has a […]

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System Messages

System Messages You can manage function-specific automatic email messages sent by the system in Settings → System Messages. In Sending options, the sending time and dates, sender name and the email address(es) of the sender and recipient(s) are determined (see the picture below). In the section below, the you can activate or disable preconfigured system messages. The […]

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What SPF, DKIM and DMARC mean to your emails?

General Email is one of the most important communication tools for organizations and companies. However, because of the large number of spam and phishing attacks, the ability to identify the sender is extremely important. One way of doing this is the usage of common email authentication protocols SPF, DKIM and DMARC. SPF The Sender Policy […]

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General Workflows can be used to automatize several actions in modules. Workflows are triggered by changes made in the target module’s fields – e.g. when a potential’s stage is changed to ‘won’ or when a customer’s assigned user has been changed. When triggered, the workflow can for instance send email, create an activity, run a […]

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