2022-12-01, December Release Notes

Update 1.12.2022 at 17-18 (EET)


  • Triggers enabled in Calendar and Helpdesk modules

Triggers can be used to automatically send emails to contacts in specific situations if the conditions for it are met. Email triggers have been previously available in Mass Events, but now they can also be created for activities and tickets.

Contrary to Mass Events, the triggers in Calendar and Helpdesk modules are determined module-specifically; the same emails are sent under the same circumstances from each ticket or activity.

  • Updates in Mass Events

You can now manually register a contact to an event even if the last registration date has passed.

A default role is automatically assigned for registrations received through the Self-Service Portal (if the contact cannot select the role themselves on the registration form).

There are now profile-specific rights for managing triggers in Mass Events.

  • If an invoice is billed from a project, e-billing company information is inherited from the project
  • Unnecessary warning about missing read permission for a relation removed
  • Improvements in related lists; columns can now be temporarily added or removed
  • Improvements in home page graphs; a new action for counting unique values
  • Improvements in inventory rows; copying rows has been improved and the order of the row-level fields is now inherited from Inventory Row Fields settings
  • Improvements in CRM2 layout; the setting for selecting how many fields are shown in a block by default is more intuitive and has more options
  • Account and contact relations in dynamic field formulas are now taken into account in mass invoicing
  • Improvements in module tools; dynamic field formulas have been enabled in parameters of Link to other module and Update entity fields module tools
  • General improvements in workflow handling in inventory row modules
  • New default API key type for Contact Center
  • Decimal separator unified in all number fields and views
  • The Calendar module has been enabled for automatic field formulas
  • Fix in mass mailings’ reporting about email opens
  • Fix concerning the row-level save buttons in mobile view
  • Fix in incorrect behavior with invoices’ Original invoice ID field
  • Fixes in home page graphs
  • Fixes in performance with uploading notably large amounts of contacts into campaigns
  • Fix in attachment names when used with CRM2 Send Email module tool
  • Fix in adding new menu parent items
  • Fix concerning Create inventory module entity module tool
  • Fixes with dynamic field formulas in the new interface; date fields can now be emptied with formulas
  • Fixes with ‘CRM2 Only’ interface setting
  • Modules have been deprecated; Invitation Events, Plans, Targets, Dashboards and Documents can no longer be activated in new systems. If already in use, the modules are still fully operational.


  • Error informing about a missing billing company added to invoices’ PDF previews


Self-Service Portal

  • Improvements in public forms’ security
  • Improvements in Self-Service Portal user rights management, if the contact’s email address is changed


Alma Talent Connector

  • Improvements in performance
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