Module tool’s special parameters


The functionality of the module tools is fundamentally similar between the old Legacy CRM service interface and the new V2 interface, and therefore many tools are suitable for use as such in both versions.


Module tool visible only in the current/new interface

If you want the module tool to be visible only in the current interface, you can enter the following condition in the Conditions (Show) field of the module tool:

{if $CRM_ENV != "legacy"}Show only at the old user interface{/if}

If, on the other hand, you want the tool to be visible only in the new interface, the condition is as follows:

{if $CRM_ENV != "crm2"} Show only at the new user interface {/if}


Here we have listed the parameters that are necessary to perform specific functions.


Dynamic formulas

Dynamic field formulas are available in the module tools Link to another module and Update entity.

How to make dynamic field formulas can be found here:  Examples of dynamic field formulas.


Converting a quote/sales order into a sales order/invoice (Link to another module)

The convert mode parameter used in the current interface will be replaced in the future by the parameter below. The parameter does not require any special formatting based on the source and destination modules, but works as follows:



Create an activity from another module (Link to another module / Create event or task)

When you want to associate an activity to be created with an account, e.g. an account specified in the output module, the parameter must be of the form accounts[]={$account_id}. In the example below, an event-type activity is created in the Contacts module with a customer and a contact attached.



Copying the activity (Link to another module)

If an activity is to be copied using the module tool, so that the client and contact links of the original activity are also copied, the following parameters are required:



NOTE! Internet browsers generally recognize the &copy entry as a copyright © and may sometimes replace this entry with this character. This will not be encountered when creating a module tool, but if it is ever necessary to edit and re-save the module tool, please ensure that this entry has not been changed to a copyright mark. If this is the case, the situation can be corrected by manually rewriting the &copy entry.

Copying the sub-event when copying the mass event (Link to another module)

When using the template for mass events and you also want to copy the sub-events of the mass event, use the following parameters:

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