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Filters in modules

Introduction In the CRM, a filter refers to a general list view in a module, which shows the contents of that module – accounts/contacts/quotes/etc. – as a list. The filter determines which fields are shown as columns, the order in which the entities are shown and if the entities are delimited by some criteria. There […]

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Filters: KPI

KPI KPI is part of the filter settings and the information it provides will be visible at the top of the filter. KPI can be used to display more accurate data in different styles. A maximum of three KPI points can be created and they will appear at the top of the page. Using KPIs, […]

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Introduction In addition to listing filters, it is possible to create Kanban views in the general views of CRM modules. Kanban is suitable for describing the process and its progress. Its visual presentation also often makes things easier to deal with and follow up. Any information that involves step-by-step progress can be represented as a […]

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