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Admin Guide

Completing Contact Information When Creating an Activity

Completing contact information when creating an activity With this functionality the user can update missing information while booking a meeting or making any other activity in the CRM. An admin is able to determine which fields of a contact card need to be completed if an activity is created for the contact. When an user is […]

Admin Guide

CRM to CRM Customer Data Synchronization

CRM to CRM Customer Data Synchronization (Data Import) In CRM-service system it is possible to activate an import function to synchronize customer and contact data between two separate CRM systems. This enables updating customer and contact data by the information in a source CRM. You can manage the update rules in Settings → CRM – CRM Data Import. In […]

Admin Guide

CSV Import

Importing CSV files CSV data importing is supported in many modules in the CRM system. The Import button  is located in the toolbar at top of the page of every module. The visibility of the tool is determined in user profiles, where an admin user can set users’ rights for the tool (for more information, see the guide System […]

User Guide

Find Duplicates

How to Find and Merge Duplicates With the Find duplicates tool you can merge the data in entities in the modules such as Accounts, Contacts, Potentials, Products, etc. This tool is located in the menu bar of the module (see the picture below). Options In the Options section you can determine, what happens when the duplicates are merged. The […]

User Guide

Target Groups

Target Groups By using target groups you can generate company and personal groups for email marketing, telephone contacting and so on. You can create several different target groups for each need. Creating a Target Group To create a target group, you first need to determine the basic information of the group. The creation starts by clicking […]

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