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Configuring GDPR Tools

Introduction The European Union’s general data protection regulation (GDPR) came into force in May 2018 and placed demands on how the personal data of EU citizens must be handled. The regulation highlighted for example the person’s right to ask a company to send them all the information they have on them or to delete their […]

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Document Templates – Using Tags in ODF/OOXML Templates

Template Management For example the Word (.docx, .rtf) and Excel (.xlsx) files and PDF and Open Document format files can be used as document templates for quotes, sales orders, invoices, support tickets, campaigns and invitation events. The templates can be prefilled with images and text. In addition, you can use different tags in the document to […]

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Document Templates – Convert ODF / OOXML to PDF

Convert ODF/OOXML to PDF General An admin user can create a conversion tool in the Document Templates that converts ODF/OOXML files to PDF when you open the template from the CRM. Any file in a right format can be converted. The template can include the company logo and layout, as well as fixed text. For more information […]

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Document Templates: Certificate Templates

Creating Certificate Templates Introduction You can send certificates by email to all the contacts that have attended a certain invitation event directly from the invitation event. The certificate is always event-specific and the information about the event, like the event name, time and place, must be written manually on the certificate template. The information about […]

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Managing and Creating Document Templates

Creating Document Templates You can manage RTF, PDF, Excel (XLSX) and ODF/OOXML templates used in the CRM system in the Document Template settings: Settings → Document Templates. In the settings you can see all the created templates, which can be edited deleted and activated/disabled (see the picture below). You can add a new template by clicking the Add […]

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