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E-Invoicing – Error Conditions

General In practice, sending an e-invoice happens in four stages: The invoice is generated and sent from CRM. The invoice goes from CRM to the operator of the invoicer, who checks the information of the sender of the invoice. The invoice is transferred from the invoicer’s operator to the recipient’s operator, who searches for the […]

User Guide

Invoicing Mass Events

General The mass events module enables users to create multiple different types of events, which naturally also means that sometimes those events have invoiceable items, like entrance or lunch fees. It is also possible that the main event is free, but the event has sub-events with separate charges. The mass events module provides users with […]

User Guide

Mass Invoicing

General   These are instructions for using Mass Invoicing after the admin has enabled the settings required for Mass invoicing. To find out how to set up the Mass Invoicing, see the instructions here. Mass invoicing can be used to create similar invoices at once for a selected group of customers (accounts or contacts). In this context, […]

User Guide

Recurring Invoicing

Creating Recurring Invoicing for Sales Orders Introduction It is possible to create recurring invoicing for sales orders. With this function, you can bill automatically the same customer for the same products or services e.g. monthly or annually. The invoices in recurring invoicing are formed retroactively, which means that the invoice is always generated at the end […]

Admin Guide

Setting up Mass Invoicing

General Mass Invoicing is an action that can be used to create similar invoices at once for a selected group, either as a one-time invoice or recurring invoicing. These instructions are only for setting up the Mass Invoicing action, and separate instructions on how to use Mass Invoicing can be found here. Setup Admin user […]

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