2022-06-09, June Release Notes


  • Mass edit in the new interface

Mass edit has been renewed for the new interface to better meet the needs in the most used operations. The function enables editing data in picklists, multipicklists, checkboxes and date fields for up to 100 entities at a time. Admins and the managers of reporting units/groups can also mass edit the assigned user of the selected entities.

Access to the function is user profile- and module-specific. Admins can determine the needed access for each profile in Profiles settings (see the picture below).

  • Workflow for adding/removing contacts from campaigns

New workflows have been released to enable adding or removing contacts from predetermined campaigns. This function is especially useful for automatically updating email marketing campaigns based on field information on contacts.

For more information on creating these workflows, please see our guide Automatically Updating Email Campaigns.

  • Unsubscription information is saved in the campaign

Campaigns now have a view for showing active unsubscriptions. The view will be available on the campaign if there are at least one unsubscribed contact.

  • New module tool for sending emails to individual contacts in the new interface

You can now use a module tool in the contacts module to send an email template to an individual contact. The tool can be set to operate automatically (sends a predetermined email template at once after the tool is clicked) or manually, so that the user must select the email to be sent.

  • Possibility to optimize searching

By default, you can search for an entity by the information in all text and picklist fields in the module. This can now be modified by an admin in each module’s layout editor.

Each field that can be included in the search now has a magnifying glass icon shown on the field’s row in layout editor. Clicking this icon will either disable or reinclude the field in the search; a light-colored icon indicates that the field has been disabled. Changes made will be applied, when you click on the Regenerate search index button in the layout editor (NB! You can update the search index only once a day per module, so be sure to make all needed changes before clicking the button).

  • Improvements in Mass Events

Mass Events’ answers now show which sub events the attendee has registered for and the attendee’s role. The events’ KPI view has also been improved.

  • Improvements in filters

Quick filter is now always shown by default and sorting is working correctly at all times.

It is also now possible to select more than one picklist value when creating KPIs. The available fields in KPIs have also been fixed to show all fields available for the filter.

  • The Organizations module now has static relation fields to Products and Receipts
  • Payments and Receipts modules now have a static relation field to Mass Events
  • Improvements in the home page; multiaccount projects are now fully supported in the work hour reporting element. Fixed a case where the graph’s drilldown would show data according to a wrong time stamp.
  • Entities that have been restored from the trash bin are now searchable again at once
  • Improvements in navigation
  • Fixes in notifications; users will no longer get notifications from any comments they posted themselves
  • Fixes in dynamicity in the new interface
  • Fixes in Assigned to field
  • The CSV import tool is now available in the Organizations module
  • The dynamic field formulas now have a change history
  • The Relations module: it is now possible to select the available modules for the Entity A, B, and C fields


  • Readiness for Smart-ID support in Estonia; currently waiting for partner’s approval for end-customer release


Outlook Add-in

  • Support for quote and potential relations in emails


Netvisor Conncetor

  • Possibility to use Netvisor’s tax codes in invoice rows in transferred invoices; in this case, the source is either the main-level invoice field or the row’s product


Procountor Connector

  • Possibility to fetch accounting ID from the invoice row instead of the product


Talenom Connector

  • Support for consumer invoicing (invoices without relation to account)


Peppol Connector

  • Possibility to send B2B e-invoices (suom. kansainväliset sähköiset laskut) to Peppol network through Maventa enabled


WooCommerce Conncetor

  • Address information is now included when creating contacts in the CRM


New Fundraising Connectors

  • New connectors for iRaiser and Paygate; the payments can now be fetched to CRM



  • New endpoint for campaign unsubscriptions
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