2023-04-20 April Release Notes



  • Related entities can now be updated from the module.
    • For example, when the potential is saved to won, the account type changes automatically to the customer. Learn more from here.
  • System has received visual improvements to improve clarity


  • There is now an option to delete E-Signing users.
  • There is now an option to set the E-Signing user language.


  • It is now possible to permanently remove passive static lists and new ones can no longer be activated.
    • Old static lists will continue functioning normally as long as they are not disabled by the admin user.
  • There is now the possibility for V2-only users to hide some unnecessary legacy-only settings from the setting panel.

Mail Scanner

  • Mail Scanner has received multiple updates and we will continue upgrading it in the next update.
    • CC addresses now have support in Single Mailing.
    • Tickets can now be handled more efficiently via MailScanner.

Campaign module

  • A new service addon is available where digital membership cards of the contacts in the campaign can now be used as a source for mass-generating membership cards and merging them into a single PDF.

Mass Invoicing

  • Mass invoice symbols now work as a link so mass invoicing templates can be edited with ease.
  • When creating one-time mass invoicing there is no longer a need to fill in information that only applies to recurring invoicing.

Self-Service Portal

  • In the Mass Event module, there is a new configurable field that allows the canceling of the registration.
  • Space booking now has improved UX and more advanced functionalities


  • InvoiceSender: Added support for new target accounting system: Hogia
  • Bank payment handler: Added support for Sales Order relation for payments. The relation is copied from the invoice.
  • Procountor payment handler: Added option to filter invoices that should be handled with an array of statuses.
    • Previous options were: ALL / only 1 status filter.
  • Digital membership card: Added option to use any data from CRM that is linked to contact with the relation module.


  • The mail scanner now works properly with all Finnish alphabets.
  • Link issues in some settings are now fixed.
  • Fixed the bug when sometimes entities opened as an empty card when opened via custom list.
  • Multipicklist does not show unnecessary question mark if there already is a selected value.
  • CIWS Mass Event Registrations now handle canceled status properly.
  • General user experience, stability, and speed improvements.


  • Procountor:
    • Fixed the bug where the discount amount wasn’t handled correctly with decimals.
  • Netvisor:
    • Fixed error handling when the identifier field for Accounts was not account number and the identifier in CRM was not set.

Bank payment handler

  • Fixed issue when running dynamic field formulas for Payments caused relation fields to be removed.

Billecta payment handler

    • Fixed issues with Autogiro status changes for contacts.


  • Fixed daily morning routine to not set Invoices to Failed state if Invoice has been successfully sent to Maventa.
    • This error could occur if an Invoice was sent to Maventa, and it failed. After that user fixed the Invoice and re-sent it with succession.
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