2022-10-06, October Release Notes

Update 6.10.2022 at 17-23 (EEST)


  • Mass invoicing

Mass invoicing has now been published to the new interface.

The function is available through sales orders, as the sales order acts as an template for the new invoices. The invoices can be targeted to accounts or contacts, and the target group is determined with a filter from either module.

  • Improvements in Mass Events

The registrations view now displays who has registered/cancelled a contact.

Mass events’ triggers now also have options specifically for spare place registrations and cancellations.

  • New permanent field in Accounts; ‘Invoice Operator’
  • New permanent field in Contacts; ‘Invoice Delivery Method’
  • New permanent field in Billing Companies; ‘Invoice Sending Operator’
  • New permanent fields in Invoices; ‘Partner Delivery Status’, ‘Email’, ‘Template’, ‘Language’ and ‘Original Invoice ID’
  • New permanent field in Mass Mailings; ‘Show in Self-Service Portal’
  • The workflow task Add or update portal user now includes a possibility to select an Email template to be sent to the contact
  • Improvements concerning deleted products; deleting a product is now prevented, if it is already in use
  • Block titles can now be edited afterwards
  • The report generator and target groups are now shown also in the new interface’s menu
  • Legacy admin settings can now be accessed in the new interface’s admin settings
  • Improvements in search; the global search on the home page now shows primarily accounts and contacts before any other module and files are shown by File name in search
  • Selection pop-ups now provide more information; the columns in the popup are now inherited from the Contacts module’s default view
  • New Scheduled task for running selected field formulas for a target group’s content; a new function for several automations and data maintenance procedures
  • Downloaded document templates now show diaresis correctly
  • Type fields in Organizations and Relations are no longer forced to be mandatory
  • Back button is no longer shown in edit mode
  • Incorrect scheduled tasks are now disabled automatically
  • Improvements in portal access rights element; Active and Admin values are now shown as Yes/No instead of 1/0
  • Fixes in custom views; entity count is calculated correctly and linking picklist values are correctly shown as their translation suggests
  • Improvements in discussions’ notifications; notifications are no longer sent to passive or deleted users
  • Improvements in calendar sharing
  • Performance improvements in lists’ loading
  • If there are broken field rights in a user profile, they will now be highlighted with a red X
  • Fixes in recurring invoicing; subrows are shown correctly
  • Fix in Mass Events’ file upload
  • Fixes in product selection popups
  • Fix in date fields’ validation with Safari as a browser
  • Fix concerning detail view formulas
  • Fixes in filters’ conditions
  • Fix concerning row field Sign date’s dynamic field formulas


  • Support for 5-digit specifiers in EDI numbers when sending invoices
  • Improved fault tolerance


Self-Service Portal

  • Possibility to publish a newsletter archive in the portal


Procountor Connector

  • Support for different end statuses after creation


Netvisor Connector

  • Improved performance


Alma Talent Connector

  • Possibility to fetch and update companies’ e-invoicing address information


Postiviidakko Connector

  • Possibility to configure a separate email opt out field for Postiviidakko unsubscriptions


Card Generator

  • Support for Relations module



  • New endpoint for Mass invoicing
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