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Admin Guide

Invoicing Purchase Orders

Invoicing purchase orders through quotes CRM-service offers the possibility to copy product rows from purchase orders to quotes by selecting the orders under Projects and Additional Information –tab. This enables the user to move multiple product rows from different purchase orders to a quote and make sure that all the information stays the same. Below […]

Admin Guide

Project Settings

Project Settings It is possible to determine versatile permissions and restrictions to project functions in Profiles’ settings and Additional settings. With these settings, it is easy to either grant access or hide some functions from certain basic users, e.g. based on their job description on the project. An admin has always access to all project […]

User Guide

Recurring Invoicing

Creating Recurring Invoicing for Sales Orders Introduction It is possible to create recurring invoicing for sales orders. With this function, you can bill automatically the same customer for the same products or services e.g. monthly or annually. The invoices in recurring invoicing are formed retroactively, which means that the invoice is always generated at the end […]

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