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Automatically Updating Email Campaigns

Introduction Workflows “Add contact to campaign” and “Remove contact from campaign” can be used to automate the update of the campaigns content. This is especially useful with email campaigns – with these workflows, you can automatically include or remove the contact from an email campaign based on the contacts information, so you do not need […]

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Update information to linked and current entity

General This workflow gives the possibility to update information beyond the saved entity. For example, when the potential is saved, the account information is updated and saved with new information. Information from the Account is copied to the contact like the street address This workflow also allows you to run your own dynamic field formulas, […]

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General Workflows can be used to automatize several actions in modules. Workflows are triggered by changes made in the target module’s fields – e.g. when a potential’s stage is changed to ‘won’ or when a customer’s assigned user has been changed. When triggered, the workflow can for instance send an email, create an activity, run […]

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