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Configuring the CRM2 layout

General The CRM2 appearance is defined on the side of the old user interface, and the blocks of each module can be arranged to meet the user’s needs. This guide goes through everything that can be defined with the CRM2 appearance and how to modify the appearance of the module.   CRM2 layout You can […]

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Custom Row-Level Fields

Custom Row-Level Fields The system has four modules that contain row-level data. These modules are Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, Quotes and Invoice. The row level contains basically only standard column fields of the system, but it is also possible to create new custom fields for the rows depending on the need. Creation and Maintenance Row-level […]

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The Discussion Tool The discussion tool is a way to make the company’s internal information flow about the entities smoother. The comments on the discussion are visible only in the CRM and to those users that have a permission to see the entity in the first place. You can also mention another user in a […]

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Dynamic field formulas

General With Dynamic Field Formulas, you can for example count values, create conditional clauses, edit fields’ information, etc. within a single CRM-service entity. With Dynamic Fields Formulas, you can also seek information from another module to the entity or count values for rows. It’s also possible to have a certain information field to show on […]

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Examples of Dynamic Field Formulas

General This page contains examples of the most commonly used Dynamic field formulas. The formulas might not be suitable for every situation as they are written here, but they serve as models to write the dynamic field formulas. The formula instructions are color-coded to illustrate which parts of the formula are most likely to change […]

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Field Translations

Translating the Fields of the Modules The default language in the CRM system is English and therefore some of the fields in the modules may show in English when not translated individually. You can do and improve the translations to different languages in Settings → Translate Fields. The picture below shows the field translations of the Accounts […]

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Formatted Text Area

General Formatted Text Area is designed to give the user more freedom to format the text in the Description fields. You can activate this option from the Layout Editor, where these settings are located at the bottom of the page. Start How to use Formatted Text Area After activation you can format the text in […]

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Layout Editor

Layout Editor Introduction The layout of each module can be fully customised in a way that best works for you. The module’s entity cards, meaning e.g. a single account’s information on the Accounts module, consist of blocks and fields in them. You can edit edit, add, hide and remove the fields, and additionally, change their grouping and order in […]

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Picklist Editor

Picklist Editor Picklists can be created in the layout editor of the module. You can add, edit and remove the values in this picklist in the picklist editor by clicking the edit button  on the picklist’s row (see the picture below). Another way to get to the picklist editor is through settings (Settings → Picklist Editor), but this option does not show the […]

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Portal Settings

Managing Portal Settings Introduction The Self-Service Portal is a portal for which you can grant access to your own customers. The modules and fields shown in the portal can mostly be managed in the CRM. Moreover, you can create several portal profiles and show them different amount of information if needed (e.g. only the main […]

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Process diagram

General With a process diagram, it is possible to show the values ​​of the field more visually. The process diagram can only be activated in the fields which type is the picklist. With the help of the process diagram, the value of the field can be changed with one click. In this instruction, the process […]

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Related Lists

Related Lists Introduction The More Information tabs in each module have permanent default views, which show information related to the entity. Even though these views are handy, they might not always show the right things from the right perspective: a permanent view could e.g. show all the activities of the contact, but the need might be […]

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