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Approval Queue

Approval Queue With approval queues you can manage entities by having them approved by certain user(s) before it can be used. Approval queues are always created as custom work, but an admin can then manage the user permissions of the queues. For a new approval queue you’ll need to determine the information that needs to be locked and approved, […]

Admin Guide

Currencies in Roles and Provisions

Attaching Currencies to Roles and Provisions The currencies available for different roles and used in provisions are managed in Settings → Currencies in Roles and Provisions. In the settings the currencies available for viewing and use are determined for each role separately (see the picture below). There can only be one currency for the provision.

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Entity’s Owner

Entity Owner Settings In the CRM-service system there is only one owner or assignee for every entity (Account, Contact, Sales Order, etc.). The owner can either be an individual user or a group. Every entity’s assignee settings can be edited in the module’s settings by clicking the Settings button  in the right module and then selecting the […]

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Sales Organization Access

Managing Sales Organization Access Sales organization permissions are applied to Custom reports and Business Intelligence reports. Sales organization permissions can be created in Settings → Sales Organization Access. The users are listed in the view by sales groups; you can search for a certain by selecting a sales group and if wanted, a text to search. If […]

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Sales Organization Hierarchy

Sales Organisation hierarchy In the CRM-service system, you must set up a hierarchy of the sales organization structures. The system users are linked to this structure on different organization levels. Users do not have to belong to any sales organization structure. In that case they will not have permissions for example to any Custom reports […]

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Scheduled Tasks

Scheduled Tasks With scheduled tasks it is possible to automatize the use of target groups. You can for example set a target group to update automatically at certain time intervals and/or automatically create activities concerning the target group to your calendar. You can also use a scheduled task to schedule in advance a mass edit for a certain […]

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System Access

System Access Management Definitions Entity = One saved record in the system, e.g. one account or quote. Introduction System access can be set for each entity, so that on the strictest (=lowest) access level each user can only see their own entities. Every entity has always only one owner, which can be either an individual user or […]

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System Messages

System Messages You can manage function-specific automatic email messages sent by the system in Settings → System Messages. In Sending options, the sending time and dates, sender name and the email address(es) of the sender and recipient(s) are determined (see the picture below). In the section below, the you can activate or disable preconfigured system messages. The […]

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