Email Templates: Sending Mass Email


Mass mailing makes it possible to send e-mails to large groups of recipients directly from the CRM. The mass mailing module takes care of the last step of the sending process – i.e. sending emails – so before that you have to make sure that the email to be sent and the campaign (i.e. recipient group) are active and ready to send. There is more information about compiling e-mail templates and e-mails in CRM’s new editor in the E-mail templates: Creating e-mails guide, and about creating campaigns in the Campaigns guide (old user interface).


Creating and Sending a Mass Mailing

There are two ways to create a new mass mailing. You can start creating via the Email templates module by opening the email to be sent, clicking  the Actions button  in the upper corner and selecting Start mass mailing. Another way is to create a mass mailing manually in the Mass mailings module by clicking  the New button  in the upper right corner of the listing view.

Please note that the sending of mass mail always takes place with a separate function after creation, i.e. the sending does not take place at the time of creation.

Creating a mass mailing requires the following information:

  • Mass Mailing Name – Only visible in CRM; the subject of the e-mail is specified in the e-mail information.
  • Campaign
  • E-mail – This section will be filled in automatically if you start the creation from the information of an e-mail.

Once the mass mailing has been created and is ready to be sent, you can send the mass mailing in the mass mailing information by clicking  the Actions button  and selecting Send now.


Mass Mailing Reports

Once the mass mailing has been sent, it is possible to monitor the reception of the shipment in the Reports tab of the mass mailing (e.g. how many people have been sent the email, percentages for opening the email, clicking on links and ending the subscription, openings by date and time).

Mass mailing also has a Transmission Errors tab, which shows bounces or other errors that may have occurred in the transmission.

Mass Mailing Unsubscriptions

You can find the list of unsubscribed contacts from the campaign that has been used for the mass mailing. The campaign has a tab called Campaign unsubscriptions (see the picture below). This list shows you the contacts that has unsubscribed from the campaign/mass mailing.

Combined Shape