2023-05-04 May Release Notes

Changes & Updates


  • In filters, if the relation module is removed by the user, the fields, conditions, and KPIs used with that module are removed automatically after the user confirms the action.
  • Pricebook management support is added to V2.
  • More modules are now supporting the mass edit in profile settings.
    • Checkboxes in profile settings can be used to allow mass edit in available modules.
  • More modules now support Excel export.
  • Accounts received hierarchy visualization functionality.


  • Triggers can use the CC field option to target if the selected module has the CC field available.
    • When adding the email trigger to the mass events, if the CC field can be used as a target the “Field” is selectable in the dropdown menu.

visualization of account hierarchy


Self-Service Portal

  • Added a setting where external links can be limited to certain profiles.
    • If the setting is left empty, links are available to all profiles.

Email API

  • Mailings summary now shows the subject of the email instead of just the tag and date.





  • Added possibility to match credit invoice with the original invoice.
    • Requires an additional matchcreditnote.nv resource in Netvisor is granted for API user of CRM service.


  • Added support to send partially paid invoices.
    • Partial reminders and pre-paid invoices.
    • Disabled by default as this should be noticed in the PDF template of the invoice.

RI-message handling

  • Added support to handle DELETE-messages correctly if the originating SI-message has been changed during the usage of the service.

CRM to JSON export tool

  • Added support to merge all downloaded PDF-files into single PDF.



Bug Fixes

  • The module tool for creating activities saves the activity without errors even if the contact ID is empty.
  • Relation fields to show work properly in all modules.
    • Previously opening file relations caused errors on data fetch if the module was not supported.
  • Sharing front pages with reporting groups is working properly.
  • Ctrl + mouse clicking link combination now opens tab correctly.


  • Triggers have received multiple bug fixes and performance improvements.
  • Fixed an error where the mass event trigger for 1 day before was not working correctly and sent the message 2 days before.

NOTE! If you have created custom triggers to work around this bug, please note that those triggers no longer work as intended and should not be used.

Dynamic Field Formulas

  • Fixed a bug where dynamic field formulas on save did not run with the mass edit.
  • Fixed a bug where dynamic field formulas did not set empty values on fields.
    • Now empty or null values from formulas clear the field.
  • Row.status is now working with dynamic field formulas.

Mass Events

  • Contacts who have canceled their registration no longer receive information about the event.

Self-Service Portal

  • Member’s event role is no longer deleted when registration is canceled through the member portal, eliminating the need to add it manually if member rejoins the event.


  • Create inventory module entity tool no longer produces error in mass events if a survey is added to the mass event.
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