2022-11-03, November Release Notes

Update 3.11.2022 at 17-18 (EET)


  • Answers to a (mass event’s) survey can now be deleted

Contacts’ answers to a survey can now be deleted either manually or automatically based on a scheduled delete. This applies to the answers to each question provided by the contact; the information about a completed survey will remain saved. This way health information or other GDPR-wise sensitive information can be deleted, once it is no longer needed for e.g. organizing an event.

Answers to a mass event’s survey can be scheduled to be deleted through mass event’s functions. Manual deletion can be done either in the mass event’s or the survey’s information.

  • Improvements in mass invoicing

Any filter from any module can now be used to determine the target group for invoices. Due to this, you must now specify if the invoices are targeted at accounts or contacts linked with the filter.

Filters used in mass invoicing can’t be deleted.

Dynamic field formulas run ‘On create’ are now applied to invoices created by mass invoicing.

  • Improvements in projects

Project phases can be deleted if all expenses from the phase are removed.

Price is fetched automatically to the phase from product. Phase’s agreed hours can also be edited afterwards.

Project expenses can be invoiced also by the assigned user’s supervisor (determined by Reports to field in user’s information).

  • Improvements in Mass events

More fields are enabled in mass events’ surveys to connect a question with a CRM field: these include contact’s Mobile, Mailing Street, Mailing Zip Code, Mailing City and Mailing Country fields.

  • When manually adding a contact as a participant to a mass event, you can now also complete a registration survey for them
  • The Relations, Organizations, Spaces and Vendors modules have been enabled in Target Groups
  • The fields of activities and tickets can now be used in email templates
  • Settings that only concern the old interface now have ‘(Legacy Only)’ text after them
  • Improvements in the main menu; Reports and Target Groups now have their own icons and admins can access Recycle Bin from the new interface’s menu
  • Improvements in module tool conditions; you can show/hide a tool based on system language also in the new interface
  • Improvements in home page dashboards; all items are now shown at all times. In calendar elements, the week starts from Monday in calendar elements in all languages and the colour of each activity can be altered by status (in the properties of the Status field)
  • Improvements in general performance
  • Suomen Asiakastieto button’s hover text now shows ‘Suomen Asiakastieto’ 
  • Automatically generated passwords now have at least the amount of characters specified in the Additional Settings
  • Fix concerning mass mailing creation; the creation wizard will now close automatically
  • Fix concerning running row-level field formulas
  • Fixes in filters
  • Fixes in contact selection fields
  • Fixes with ‘CRM2 Only’ interface setting


Self-Service Portal

  • The login page now has a button for revealing the password
  • Support for multi-merchant channels with Paytrail
  • The Self-Service Portal’s name and URL address can now be used in automatic password-sending emails
  • Files can be activated to be shown to the users in mass events’ information
  • Improvements in the membership application form
  • Space booking start weekday is now configurable
  • The Register button is no longer shown, if the mass event is of ‘Open’ type
  • Invalid field values are now shown as empty in the portal


Netvisor Connector

  • Editing the invoices in Netvisor prevented to prevent errors and to unify the operation compared to other accounting connectors
  • Fix for an error in transferring empty dimensions


Alma Talent Connector

  • Fix for a situation, where Alma Talent returns an empty official name for a company


Card Generator

  • Possibility to use the information in the Relations module and any other module the relation is linked with
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