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Update Release Notes

2022-2, February Release Notes

CRM KPI views in the Mass Events module Each mass event now has a static KPI view which shows the event’s current number of registrations, cancellations and people in spare places. Improvements in the Mass Events module Module tools are now enabled in the module, the attendees’ and personnel’s role can be edited afterwards, the […]

Technical Guide

CRM-service CIWS Library for REST

CIWS Library for REST CRM-service CIWS is a client library that can be used with our REST interface. Requirements .NET Framework 4.5 or later Example Code using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Linq; using; using; using; using MongoDB.Driver; namespace SyncInterfaceService { class Program { [CrmModule(Module.Accounts)] public class CrmAccountForRelation { [CrmFieldName(“id”)] public string Id […]

Technical Guide

Integrating Web Services

Web Services Introduction CRM-service provides open REST and SOAP interfaces for creating integrations between the CRM and third party applications. For more information about the interfaces and instructions for accessing their up-to-date documentation, see the following guides: The SOAP Interface The REST Interface CIWS Libraries There are CIWS libraries for using SOAP and REST interfaces. […]

Technical Guide

The REST Interface

The REST Interface Introduction Implementing integrations between CRM-service and third party applications is simpler and more versatile┬áthan ever before with our new REST interface, alongside with the existing SOAP interface. The REST interface can be used for reading and writing data. Testing the REST Interface Each CRM-service instance has its own test interface for developers […]

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