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Account hierarchy visualization

General Account hierarchy can be used to structure complex organizations and hierarchy visualization will show these parent-child relationships, so it is easy to see how accounts relate to each other. This functionality can be used to show parent company and its subsidiaries, but also as an office map for companies which operate in multiple locations. […]

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Configuring GDPR Tools

Introduction The European Union’s general data protection regulation (GDPR) came into force in May 2018 and placed demands on how the personal data of EU citizens must be handled. The regulation highlighted for example the person’s right to ask a company to send them all the information they have on them or to delete their […]

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Consolidated Invoicing Module Tool

Consolidated Invoicing Module Tool With Consolidated Invoicing module tool, you can combine sales orders or quotes of the same account into one invoice from the account card.  It is also possible to use parameters to determine default values for the new invoice (e.g. subject). The tool, like all the module tools, can be created in Settings […]

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Document Templates: Certificate Templates

Creating Certificate Templates Introduction You can send certificates by email to all the contacts that have attended a certain invitation event directly from the invitation event. The certificate is always event-specific and the information about the event, like the event name, time and place, must be written manually on the certificate template. The information about […]

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Module tool’s special parameters

General   The function of the module tools is basically the same between the current and new user interface of the CRM service, and thus many tools are suitable for use as such in both versions.   Visibility conditions: Module Tool only visible in the current/new interface. If you want the module tool to be […]

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Module Tools

Module Tools This guide concerns the module tools in general and the settings for showing and running them. For more information about defining the parameters and possible other settings for the tools, see the guide Module Tool Parameters and Settings. With module tools it is possible to create tools for entity cards (= information view of […]

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Setting Up the Module Tool for Sending Individual Emails

Introduction The module tool CRM2 Send email enables sending email templates in the new interface to individual contacts. You can also include a document template and/or static files from the Files module to be sent as attachments to the email. The tool can be activated for the Contacts module and any module that has a […]

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Tags in Emails Sent by Module Tools

Tags in Emails Sent by Module Tools Tags are used, foe example, in email templates and in certain module tools that send emails. This guide is about the tags in module tools. You can learn how to use the tags with other tools in other guides by clicking the links above. There are multiple module […]

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