2023-01-12 January Release Notes

Update 12.1.2023 at 17-18 (EET)


  • Filter listing sorting; Alphabetical order is supported with more variation of field types
  • Creating and editing filter improvements;
    – Time-related conditions are opened to their own dialog
    – Filter name is now mandatory
  • Project work hours on frontpage widget are not sorted by alphabetical order
  • Project module support to frontpage charts; The main level fields can be used as dimensions to create frontpage charts.
  • Project module improvement; start and end dates are not mandatory by default
  • Possible errors when sending emails via Massmailing are now more informatic to the user
  • Support space in the file name on e-mail templates
    Note! Not supported in previous e-mail templates. If the file name had space, users must add the picture again to the e-mail template.
  • Currency is shown when creating a row-based module
  • Recent items listing improvement; Listing supports CRM system-specific translations to module names
  • Remembering user choices;
    – Selecting entity the search box remembers the user click of contains/begins
    – Create a new entity on the module now remembers the user’s click to show more
    – View/edit rows now remembers the user’s click to show all row fields
  • Improvements on triggers after comment
  • User-specific external SMTP server removed (user setting panel)
  • System-based external SMTP server removed (additional settings panel)
  • Mail Scanner now supports  Microsoft OAuth 2.0 authentication 
  • Old template support removed on document template settings; Invitation event: Nametag Template 54x90mm A4, Namesign Template, Nametag Template HERMA No 4677, 63,5×38,1mm A4 and Registrations
    Generic invoice template on Invoice, Purchase Order and Quote
    Study Plans: Studies, Study Plan and Study Plan PDF
    Sales Order period chargeable
    Target Groups: Nametag Template and Nametag Template HERMA No 4677, 63,5×38,1mm A4
    Note! All replaceable by ODF templates on the document template settings
  • Improved validation for dynamic field formulas before saving; Dynamic field formulas with ambiguous conditions or operations now show an error message to users and stop the evaluation to prevent possible erroneous data stored. Creating or editing a dynamic formula with said errors in Admin settings is also prevented and an error is shown to the user.
  • Back-end upgrades and improvements; improvements in performance, security, and multiple features


Self-Service Portal

  • Public files are shown on Sales Order
  • Activities created from relations are now editable
  • Improvements on data shown on rows; Contact name supported on rows and more variation of field can be shown/hidden
  • Portal-specific configuration improvement on member joining form
  • Contact editing via Sales Order; Possibility to edit contact information on contacts linked on sales order rows.


Contact Portal

  • Improved handling on contacts and accounts deleted from the campaign


Contact Center

  • All records are deleted after 90 days
  • Call-group based setting to close queue
  • New version of Android and IOS app

OP Connector

  • Daily Summary can now be optional (used to be mandatory)

Netvisor Connector

  • All products are now made active in Netvisor
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