Module Entity Numbering

Module Entity Numbering


The entities in CRM modules are numbered automatically in the order they are created. Each module has their own independent numbering. By default, the number of the entity consists of a prefix and the actual number. The prefix is the same for every entity in the same module, but the number is sequential. Prefix is not mandatory, so the entity number can also consist only of the number.

Customizing the Entity Numbering

The numbering principles in each of the modules can be customized in Settings → Entity Numbering.

You can select the module whose numbering to edit from the picklist at the top right corner (see the picture below).

The fields Use prefix and Start Sequence show the prefix that is currently in use in the module, and the number that will be set for the next new entity. The numbering rules can be changed by editing these fields and clicking Save. However, please note:

  • The changes made will apply for the new entities only – they will not affect the numbers of the existing entities.
  • If the prefix remains the same, the number in Start Sequence field can not be lower than the original number. This prevents creating two entities with the exact same number.

The Update missing record sequence now button updates numbers to entities that are missing a number entirely. Missing entity numbers are possible only in exceptional situations and they are never formed under so-called normal conditions.

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