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CRM-Service Analytics (Business Intelligence)


CRM-Service Analytics (Business Intelligence) is a chargeable plugin for the CRM-service system. The BI module contains tools for online analysis of the CRM data in different views. The technology used is based on the best BI-technology on the market, Qlik Sense.

BI permissions are always personal (named CRM-service user). These users’ permissions can’t be activated by the end customer; the activation is done by the CRM-service supplier when the plugin is ordered.

Giving permissions and permission levels

CRM-service admin can give BI permissions to named users in Settings → BI Permissions.

In BI permissions’ view you can add the users, to whom the BI has been activated, by clicking the Add User button . You must also determine which BI views can be used by the user (see the picture below).

Data visibility in BI-module is determined by the user’s sales team permissions. This means that the system does not follow the normal access hierarchy (SettingsSales Organization Access). The sales team of the data’s assignee always determines the access to the shown data.

For example if the user X has permissions to Sales team A and Sales team C, he will see the following information in BI:

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Module Manager
Sales Organization Access
Report Generator
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