Module Tool Parameters and Settings

Module Tool Parameters and Settings

This guide is about defining module tools’ parameters and other possible tool-specific settings. For more information about the module tools in general, see the guide Module Tools.


You can set parameters for the module tool to for example fetch/supplement information from the source entity or fill in the field with certain information:

  • The formula for parameters when fetching information from another module: target field={$source field} (e.g. cf_1103={$cf_1499}).
  • The formula for parameters when fetching information from the same entity: target field=the wanted value/text (e.g. in a picklist: cf_1548=Approved   OR   in a text field: cf_5823=This is an example).

When writing the parameters, in some cases it is important to take into consideration the module, that the module tool is created into. E.g. if you are creating a tool for Accounts module, which creates a new contact for an account, the link between the account and contact is made with the parameter account_id={$ID}. Whereas when you are creating a tool for Contacts module, which creates a new potential for a contact, the link to the contact’s account is made with account_id={$account_id}.

There are examples of using the parameters below. For clarity, they all have been written for “Link to other module” module tools, but the parameters work the same way in any other module tool you can write parameters for.

Read more about special parameters from here

Example 1: Creating a tool for Accounts module that creates a new Contact for the Account (by linking the Contact to the Account with a parameter account_id={$ID} , see the picture below).


Example 2: Creating a tool for Contacts module that creates a new Potential for the contact (by adding an account relation and a contact relation to the potential with parameters contact_id={$ID}&account_id={$account_id} , see the picture below).



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