Contents of User Guides


This page presents all the user guides, grouped by their use and purpose and ordered from the very common actions to more system-specific ones. The user guides concern the ways the modules or functions in the system can be used every day.

Some of the guides may include side notes for administrators about how the functions could or should be set up. If the modules or functions require modifications to work differently or more efficiently, please contact an admin user.


General Module Functions

Filters Creating filtered views for modules.
Discussion Using discussion fields.
Find Duplicates Searching for and handling duplicates in a module.
CSV Import Importing data to the CRM with CSV files.


Calendar and Time Management

Activities Using the Calendar module and managing activities.
Events How events are created and used.
Tasks How tasks are created and used.
Activity Points The meaning of activity points and how to report them on your own home page.
Setting Targets for Activities Creating targets for activities.



Campaigns Creating and managing campaigns in the CRM.
Target Groups Creating and determining target groups.
Creating Activities for a User with Target Groups Creating activities for users in mass with the help of target groups.
Text Messages Sending text messages to the contacts in a target group.


Sales Management

Potential Management Managing the sales pipeline and creating potentials.
Recurring Invoicing Activating and using recurring invoicing for sales orders.


Product Management

Stock Tracking Managing warehouses and making products stock tracked.
Price Books Creating and using price books.



Home Page Charts Introduction to charts in graphical and table format and how to share them with sales groups.
Bar and Line Chart Creating bar and line charts.
Pie Chart Creating pie charts.
Table Creating tables.
Targets / Forecasts Creating target/forecast charts.
Stacked Chart Creating stacked charts.
Home Page Reports Creating personal home page reports and views.
Report Generator Creating and sharing reports in the report generator.
Work Hour Reporting Reporting the working hours with projects.
Account-Specific Budgets and Forecasts Setting up and managing accounts’ budgets and forecasts.
Business Intelligence Introduction to Business Intelligence reporting and its common features and actions.



Contact Center The main functions of CRM-service Contact Center.
Contact Center: Zoiper Settings Setting up Zoiper as the Contact Center VoIP client.
Email Contact Portal (ECP) Sending mass emails in the Email Contact Portal (ECP).
ECP: Emails and Email Templates Creating emails and email templates in ECP. The same guide applies mostly to landing pages and HTML snippets as well.
ECP: Surveys Creating surveys and linking them to emails in ECP.
Invitation Events in the Self-Service Portal Activating invitation events for the Self-Service Portal.


Synchronizing with Outlook and Google Calendar

Google Calendar Synchronization Activating a calendar synchronization between the CRM and Google Calendar.
Outlook Add-in for Users Using the Outlook Add-in for synchronizing calendars and emails between the CRM and Outlook.


Combined Shape