Downloading the Outlook Add-in

Outlook Add-in

With the CRM-service Outlook Add-in it is possible to synchronize an Outlook account with a CRM account. The elements that can be synchronized are calendar activities and e-mails and their attachments (from Outlook to CRM). The Add-in provides Outlook with tools to link CRM information and entities with new appointments and e-mails to enable a smooth synchronization.

The features of the Add-in include i.a.

  • Synchronizing appointments and activities between Outlook and CRM
  • Synchronizing e-mails to CRM
  • Custom fields’ usage in e-mail segmentation
  • Preferences for synchronizing personal items
  • Preferences for synchronization interval
  • Support for Outlook versions 365, 2016, 2013 and 2010
  • Can be used together with Exchange integration.

NB! The Outlook Add-in can be used only with Windows.

Download (v. 7.53)

Outlook Add-in can be downloaded as a zip file (contains a msi file) using the following link:



For more advanced tips for installing the add-in, click here.

Checking the version number

After the Add-in has been set up, you can check the version number on Outlook’s Add-ins tab, by clicking the CRM logo and then selecting About.

Setup and user guides

The activation and setup of the Add-in is always performed by an admin. You can find the instructions for setup are in the guide Outlook Add-In Setup.

The user guide for regular users can be accessed here.

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