Installing Outlook Add-in as a MSI file

Outlook Add-in Installation as a MSI File

The Outlook Add-in can be downloaded as a MSI file (in a ZIP file) using the following link: Outlook Add-in (v. 7.53).

The MSI file is installed on the command line with the following command: msiexec /i CRMOutlookAddinSetup.msi /quiet

The Outlook Add-in settings can be preset in the Outlook GUI without username and password. After this the XML file can be shared to wanted computers. The file is located in:

Sharing the Settings file:

  1. Admin user installs the Add-in
  2. Admin user modifies the Add-in settings according to the needed configuration
  3. Admin user modifies the CRM settings:
    • Api key
    • CRM address
    • Other fields must be left blank
  4. Save settings
  5. Settings.dat is ready for distribution.

The XML file can be shared with the end users and installed to their corresponding home directory.

NB. .Net Framework 4.0 or newer is required.

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