Activating Languages in the System

Managing the Language Versions

It is possible to use the CRM system in several different languages. You can set languages active or inactive in the Module Manager: Settings → Module Manager.

By default, the tab Modules is first shown in the Module Manager, but you can manage the translations by selecting the Languages tab (see picture below).

In this view you can determine which language versions of the system can be selected and used. Note: if a language is set active/inactive on the Languages tab, the view will automatically return to the Modules tab. Therefore, every language needs to be set active/inactive individually.

Once a language is set active in the Module Manager, the system language can be changed to this language anytime by clicking the flag button at the top right corner above the top menu (see the picture below).

The use of the flag buttons changes the language only for the current session and for the current user. If you wish to change the default language of the system, it is done in Settings → Additional Settings by selecting the language in the field Default Language.

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