Travelling Expense Approval

Travelling Expense Approval

An employee can inform their commuting expenses by project in the Time tracking home page widget. The products linked to commuting expenses are determined in the system settings. When an employee has made a travelling expense entry, the manager of the employee will receive a notification on their home page. If the travelling expense is approved, the entry will lock in the employee’s time tracking widget. Before the approval the travelling expenses are editable.

Activating the Approval of Travelling Expenses

Linking the products

An admin can link a product to the travelling expenses in Settings → Additional Settings. In Project settings there is a row for Products that require approval. More products can be added using the product icon at the right side of the text field (see the picture below). If any changes are made, remember to save.

Determining the manager for the user

The commuting expenses always require the approval of the CRM user’s named manager. The manager is determined by user and it is done in My preferences of the user (see the picture below).

NB! If the user does not have a named manager in My Preferences, then the notifications will go to Admin and therefore Admin needs to approve the travelling expenses.

Travelling expense entry and Approval

When the right product(s) has been linked to the travelling expenses and the user has a named manager, the user can do travelling expense entries in the Time tracking widget. When the user has made a travelling expense entry for a project, a notification will appear on the manager’s home page (see the picture below). By clicking the notification the manager can access further information about the entry.

NB! The user can only mark travel expense entries for project if it is linked to the project as a project phase.

In the expense approval view the manager can see all the waiting entries (see the picture). The entry is approved by selecting the right row and clicking the Approve button. When the entry has been approved, the travelling expense row will lock in the user’s widget, and the user can not edit the row anymore.

The user can see the row locked and highlighted (see the picture below).

The user can also add a time tracking summary on their home page to see the summary of both working hours and commuting expenses. In the settings, the view can also be set for a month view or for a quarter view.

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