Invoicing Purchase Orders

Invoicing purchase orders through quotes

CRM-service offers the possibility to copy product rows from purchase orders to quotes by selecting the orders under Projects and Additional Information –tab. This enables the user to move multiple product rows from different purchase orders to a quote and make sure that all the information stays the same. Below you can see how you set the settings and how the functionality works.


You can find under admin settings Picklist Editor and under Products-module Product Row Status-list. The picklist is by default empty and you need to set 4 different values which you will next link to certain function. The 4 functions are unbilled, billing, billed and won’t bill. With the picklist you can set any values and translations for the 4 different types.

When you have made the values you can link these to the functions under admin settings and Additional Settings. From the bottom you can find Project Settings and here you need to set which value links to the function. After this you need to save the settings.

Moving the purchase orders to the quote

When the settings are done, the functionality is ready to use under Project’s Additional Information –tab.

From the block Purchase Order Rows you can find on the right side under functionalities the set values as picklist. When the purchase order is made to CRM and there has not been any changes made yet under project, the default value for the row is “unbilled” (remember the translation might be different). When you want to move the purchase order to quote, you need to change the value to “billing” and choose from the top right corner either functionality to move the row to a new quote or to an existing quote. You can move multiple rows at the same time.

If you choose more than one purchase order to be moved to the quote and the product rows have same products, the quote will sum the same products to one row. To the product row’s description field will be added the purchase order’s number and vendor.

When the quote is saved, the purchase order row under project will have automatically the “billed”-value and the row is freezed.

If the purchase order row won’t be billed, the value will be saved for the row when one other row is moved to a quote and saved.

NB! If the product rows have same products but the rows have different taxation information, you need to update under quote that the taxation information. As default the taxation percentage comes from the product-module in CRM.

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