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Managing Campaigns Campaigns in the CRM can be used for many purposes. At their simplest, the campaigns can be utilized to plan customer listings, but you get more out of them when managing newsletterlistings. Campaigns are also used to define the contacts in the Contact Portal call campaigns. Note! The most efficient way to work […]

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Filters in modules

Introduction In the CRM, a filter refers to a general list view in a module, which shows the contents of that module – accounts/contacts/quotes/etc. – as a list. The filter determines which fields are shown as columns, the order in which the entities are shown and if the entities are delimited by some criteria. There […]

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Managing events with mass-events module

CRM-service provides a tool for event management called Mass Events. The tool is used in cooperation with contacts (the attendees), surveys, e-mail templates, and invoices. The registration form CRM-service provides via Self-Service Portal functionality or Anonymous form or the customer can use custom integration from their website provider. Custom fields, dynamic fields, and formulas, work […]

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Mass Event Surveys

Introduction A person registering to a mass event, can be presented with a registration form, that can be used to collect all the needed information from each registrated person right away. The registration form is unique for each mass event, so the questions and types of questions can be alternated when needed. If registrations are […]

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Potential Management

Potential Management Introduction CRM-service provides tools to manage the Sales pipeline with the Potentials module. This module can be used to handle all sales phases in the sales pipeline. The sales pipeline phases can be also be processed so that e.g. the Leads module contains marketing phases and the Potentials module sales phases. Therefore there […]

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Price Books

Defining the Price Books With the price books you can define customer-specific prices for certain products. This way the prices of the products added to e.g. an invoice are updated automatically according to the price book based on an agreement with the customer. The price books have their own module, Price Books. A new price […]

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Sales Orders

In the Sales Orders, you can create new Sales Orders or create invoice templates for Mass Invoicing. Here are the explanations for some of the most common fields used in Sales Orders: Status – The status of the template will also determine the initial status of the invoices. Due date – The due date for […]

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