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Account-Specific Budgets and Forecasts

Account-Specific Budgets and Forecasts Introduction CRM-service provides tools to manage Account based budgets and forecasts. Billing and Opportunity (Sales Potential) information can be monitored side by side with budgets and forecast. Budgets and forecasts can be maintained for example in offering area levels. Forecasts and budgets can be fixed or rolling. CRM basic account views […]

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Managing Campaigns Campaigns in the CRM can be used for many purposes. At their simplest, the campaigns can be utilized to plan customer projects, but you get more out of them e.g. when sending invitations to invitation events. Campaigns are also used to define the contacts in the Contact Center call campaigns and the target […]

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Potential Management

Potential Management Introduction CRM-service provides tools to manage Potentials – also known as Opportunities – with the Potentials module. This module can be used to handle all sales phases in the sales pipeline. The sales pipeline phases can be also be processed so that e.g. the Leads module contains marketing phases and the Potentials module […]

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Price Books

Defining the Price Books With the price books you can define customer-specific prices for certain products. This way the prices of the products added to e.g. an invoice are updated automatically according to the price book based on an agreement with the customer. The price books have their own module, Price Books. A new price […]

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Setting Targets for Activities

Setting Targets for Activities Introduction Activities, like calls, meetings or tasks, can have weekly user-specific targets, that both the users themselves and the company management can report and compare with realized activities and activity points (for more information, see¬†Activity Points). You can set targets for either the number of the activities or the activity points […]

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Target Groups

Target Groups By using target groups you can generate company and personal groups for email marketing, telephone contacting and so on. You can create several different target groups for each need. Creating a Target Group To create a target group, you first need to determine¬†the basic information of the group. The creation starts by clicking […]

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