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Invoicing Purchase Orders

Invoicing purchase orders through quotes CRM-service offers the possibility to copy product rows from purchase orders to quotes by selecting the orders under Projects and Additional Information –tab. This enables the user to move multiple product rows from different purchase orders to a quote and make sure that all the information stays the same. Below […]

User Guide

Price Books

Defining the Price Books With the price books you can define customer-specific prices for certain products. This way the prices of the products added to e.g. an invoice are updated automatically according to the price book based on an agreement with the customer. The price books have their own module, Price Books. A new price […]

Admin Guide

Product Based Commission

Product Based Commission This guide concentrates on setting up volume based commission groups. You can find more information about other provision settings and provision calculation in general in Provision Calculation. Like with all the provision groups, creating and managing the product based commission is done in Settings → Provision Groups. In product based commission, there are no […]

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Product Select Popup Customization

Product Select Popup Customization The categories and fields shown in the product select popup can be determined in the settings. The fixed categories of the products can be used in the popup, and this way you can use both the Search field and the categories to filter the products. The product select popup customization can be […]

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Tax Calculations

Managing Tax Calculations You can manage tax calculations for offers, sales orders and invoices by clicking Settings → Tax Calculations. The taxes saved in the system are shown in the Tax calculation’s main view (see the picture below). The tax can be activated or disabled by clicking the checkbox on the tax row. The tax rate and […]

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