Price Books

Defining the Price Books

With the price books you can define customer-specific prices for certain products. This way the prices of the products added to e.g. an invoice are updated automatically according to the price book based on an agreement with the customer. The price books have their own module, Price Books.

A new price book is created by clicking the Create Price Book button  and by determining the following information:

  • Price Book Name
  • Is the price book Active. If the price book is not checked as active, the prices are not updated
  • Type. The price book type defines, which users can use the price book and for which customers.
    • Generic: all the users can use the price book for all of the accounts.
    • Accounts: all the users can use the price book, but only for the accounts linked to it.
    • Sales organization: the price book can be used only by the users of a certain sales organization for all of the customers.
  • Sales organization. If the price book type is “Sales organization”, you’ll also need to determine the sales organization that can use it on this field.
  • Currency
  • Custom Tax Percent. A universal tax percent, which is set to all the products in the price book by default. It is also possible to determine product-specific tax percents for the products, and these override the custom percent (learn more further below).
  • Is a custom tax percent used. This field must be checked active for the custom tax percent and product-specific to apply. Otherwise the “normal” tax percents of the products are used.
  • Discount percent.
  • Start and end dates. These schedule the time the price book is valid.
  • Description.

When the basic information in the price book has been determined and saved, you can link it with the right products and the customers and/or contacts the price list is applied to. This is done on the More Information tab of the price book, where the products are selected with the Select Products button, and the accounts and contacts with the Select Accounts and Select Contacts buttons respectively.

It is important to make the needed changes in the prices of the products in the price book. The prices can be edited by clicking the Edit button  in the Action column (see the picture below).

The price of the product can be altered to meet the need either by setting a list price that differs from the unit price, or by setting a product-specific custom tax percent (see the picture below).

When the price list is active, and the right customers (/contacts) and the products with the altered prices have been linked to it, the system automatically updates the prices to the new invoices, quotes, etc. created for the customer.

NB! It is possible to link an account to several different price books, but then you’ll also need to make sure you’re using the right one when creating an invoice etc. (When selecting a product to an invoice, quote etc., the prices in “Sales organization” typed price book are used in the search by default. If multiple price books are selected when searching, the “Accounts” typed price book is the most dominant.)

NB! To enable the use of price books on row level, the use must be activated. The activation is done by an admin, and it can be done in Settings → Additional settings in the section Row level functions, by activating the checkbox in the field Use pricebook prices if available (see the picture below).

Example: Price Book with 0% VAT

A typical need for using a price book is that there are customers, who are billed for certain products without value-added tax (VAT). In this case, you will need to do the following settings for the price book:

  • Custom Tax Percent is 0.
  • Use Custom Tax Percent is activated.
  • Type is Customer.

When you have first saved the price book, link all the needed products and accounts, for whom the tax-free prices are applied to, on the More Information tab.

This way the price book is available for the accounts and products in the price book. When you are e.g. billing project expenses, the account-typed price book prices are applied automatically. When creating an invoice manually from scratch, you might have to select the price book separately while adding a product for a row. If you can’t select any price books, please contact an admin user.

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