Account hierarchy visualization


Account hierarchy can be used to structure complex organizations and hierarchy visualization will show these parent-child relationships, so it is easy to see how accounts relate to each other. This functionality can be used to show parent company and its subsidiaries, but also as an office map for companies which operate in multiple locations.


To show the account hierarchy account needs a parent account. One account can have only one parent, but one parent can have multiple child accounts.

Quick Start Guide

  1. Set a parent account to the wanted account by filling the “Member of” (or similarly named) field in account information.
  2. Click
  3. Select “Open hierarchy”

The picture below is an example of how account hierarchy visualization works:

1. name 2. visibility 3. hierarchy tree

The most important things in the hierarchy are as follows:

  1. Name in the hierarchy tree can be used as a quick link to a wanted account.
  2. By clicking the eye icon you can highlight the wanted company to easily see its location in the hierarchy tree.
  3. Hierarchy tree is visualized on the right side. If there is a need to move the visualization to see some parts better, it can be done by clicking and dragging the hierarchy three with a mouse.
Combined Shape