Managing Campaigns

Campaigns in the CRM can be used for many purposes. At their simplest, the campaigns can be utilized to plan customer listings, but you get more out of them when managing newsletterlistings. Campaigns are also used to define the contacts in the Contact Portal call campaigns.

Note! The most efficient way to work with campaigns is to create light automation, that keeps the campaign automatically up to date.

Admin guidance here: How to automatize campaigns

Creating a Campaign

The campaigns are managed in Campaigns module. You can create a new campaign by clicking Create Campaign button.

A new campaign requires e.g. the following information:

  • Campaign Name
  • Active – The campaign must be active so that it can be used in the CRM like in massmailing (guide coming soon in english).
  • Start Date and Expected Close Date – These dates define the duration of the campaign. Pay attention especially to Expected Close Date if you mean to send email from the campaign. (NB. The dates do not have effect on whether the campaign is active, so if the campaign is active it can be used outside the determined time period.)

There are also many other fields in Campaign information that should be filled in, depending on the campaign and its purpose.

NOTE! If the purpose of the campaign is to send emails via mass mailing, the campaign must be email email-type campaign. Non-email-type campaigns are not shown in the list where users can select the campaign used for mass mailing.

Adding Contacts to Campaign

After the campaign has been created you can add the wanted contacts to it. Adding and managing the added contacts is done on the campaign’s Relations tab.

You can add the wanted contacts to the campaign most easily with filters (see the guide for filters). Or contacts can be added by selecting them one by one.


Contact can be removed from the campaign manually or via automation

Admin guidance here: How to automatize campaigns

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