Field name variants Legacy vs REST/CRM2

Some field names are different when using them in integrations, module tool parameters, or on dynamic field formulas.

How to use both field name variants so the formula is running on front and on background cases:

{if $account_type}{assign var="type" value=$account_type}{else}{assign var="type" value=$accounttype}{/if} ...continue the formula be referering to type instead of accounttype or account_type

Note: Using these fields with dynamic fields does not work currently. Please use cf_fields

Module Legacy name REST name
Accounts account_id parentid
Accounts accounttype account_type
Accounts assigned_user_id smownerid
Accounts salesgroup sg_id
Accounts saleschannel sc_id
Accounts saleslocation sl_id
Accounts responsabilityunit cru_id
Calendar assigned_user_id smownerid
Calendar parent_id crmid
Calendar contact_id contactid
Calendar taskstatus status
Calendar taskpriority priority
Campaigns assigned_user_id smownerid
Campaigns contact_category category
Contacts salutationtype salutation
Contacts account_id accountid
Contacts contact_id reportsto
Contacts assigned_user_id smownerid
Contracts2 assigned_user_id smownerid
Emails2 assigned_user_id smownerid
EmailTemplates email_body_plain email_body_json
EmailTemplates assigned_user_id smownerid
Events assigned_user_id smownerid
Events parent_id crmid
Events taskpriority priority
Events contact_id contactid
Files assigned_user_id smownerid
HelpDesk assigned_user_id smownerid
HelpDesk ticketpriorities priority
HelpDesk ticketseverities severity
HelpDesk ticketstatus status
HelpDesk ticketcategories category
HelpDesk ticket_title title
Invoice salesorder_id salesorderid
Invoice contact_id contactid
Invoice txtAdjustment adjustment
Invoice hdnSubTotal subtotal
Invoice hdnGrandTotal total
Invoice hdnTaxType taxtype
Invoice hdnDiscountPercent discount_percent
Invoice hdnDiscountAmount discount_amount
Invoice hdnS_H_Amount s_h_amount
Invoice account_id accountid
Invoice assigned_user_id smownerid
Leads salutationtype salutation
Leads assigned_user_id smownerid
MassMailings assigned_user_id smownerid
Organizations assigned_user_id smownerid
Payments assigned_user_id smownerid
Potentials opportunity_type potentialtype
Potentials assigned_user_id smownerid
PriceBooks assigned_user_id smownerid
Products serial_no serialno
Products handler_id handler
Products product_row_status c_row_status
Products assigned_user_id smownerid
Projects assigned_user_id smownerid
PurchaseOrder vendor_id vendorid
PurchaseOrder contact_id contactid
PurchaseOrder txtAdjustment adjustment
PurchaseOrder hdnGrandTotal total
PurchaseOrder hdnSubTotal subtotal
PurchaseOrder hdnTaxType taxtype
PurchaseOrder hdnDiscountPercent discount_percent
PurchaseOrder hdnDiscountAmount discount_amount
PurchaseOrder hdnS_H_Amount s_h_amount
PurchaseOrder assigned_user_id smownerid
Quotes potential_id potentialid
Quotes contact_id contactid
Quotes hdnSubTotal subtotal
Quotes assigned_user_id1 inventorymanager
Quotes txtAdjustment adjustment
Quotes hdnGrandTotal total
Quotes hdnTaxType taxtype
Quotes hdnDiscountPercent discount_percent
Quotes hdnDiscountAmount discount_amount
Quotes hdnS_H_Amount s_h_amount
Quotes account_id accountid
Quotes assigned_user_id smownerid
Relations assigned_user_id smownerid
SalesOrder potential_id potentialid
SalesOrder quote_id quoteid
SalesOrder contact_id contactid
SalesOrder txtAdjustment adjustment
SalesOrder hdnGrandTotal total
SalesOrder hdnSubTotal subtotal
SalesOrder hdnTaxType taxtype
SalesOrder hdnDiscountPercent discount_percent
SalesOrder hdnDiscountAmount discount_amount
SalesOrder hdnS_H_Amount s_h_amount
SalesOrder account_id accountid
SalesOrder assigned_user_id smownerid
SalesOrder invoicestatus invoice_status
ServiceContracts assigned_user_id smownerid
ServiceContracts contract_priority priority
Spaces space_status status
Spaces space_type type
Spaces space_class class
Spaces assigned_user_id smownerid
Surveys assigned_user_id smownerid
TargetGroups assigned_user_id smownerid
Vendors assigned_user_id smownerid

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