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Dynamic Fields

Introduction With dynamic fields, you can set fields visible or hidden under certain conditions. Every field is visible by default, but with dynamic fields you can determine situations, in which some fields will not be visible at all – or on the contrary, in which the fields will be visible and even mandatory. The dynamicity conditions […]

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Picklist Editor

Picklist Editor Picklists can be created in the layout editor of the module. You can add, edit and remove the values in this picklist in the picklist editor by clicking the edit button  on the picklist’s row (see the picture below). Another way to get to the picklist editor is through settings (Settings → Picklist Editor), but this option does not show the […]

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Process diagram

General With a process diagram, it is possible to show the values ​​of the field more visually. The process diagram can only be activated in the fields which type is the picklist. With the help of the process diagram, the value of the field can be changed with one click. In this instruction, the process […]

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