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Dynamic field formulas

General With Dynamic Field Formulas, you can for example count values, create conditional clauses, edit fields’ information, etc. within a single CRM-service entity. With Dynamic Fields Formulas, you can also seek information from another module to the entity or count values for rows. It’s also possible to have a certain information field to show on […]

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Dynamic Fields

Introduction With dynamic fields, you can set fields visible or hidden under certain conditions. Every field is visible by default, but with dynamic fields you can determine situations, in which some fields will not be visible at all – or on the contrary, in which the fields will be visible and even mandatory. The dynamicity conditions […]

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Examples of Dynamic Field Formulas

General This page contains examples of the most commonly used Dynamic field formulas. The formulas might not be suitable for every situation as they are written here, but they serve as models to write the dynamic field formulas. The formula instructions are color-coded to illustrate which parts of the formula are most likely to change […]

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