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Admin Guide

Activating Languages in the System

General  It is possible to use the CRM system in several different languages. You can activate or deactivate languages by accessing Settings and selecting the Module Manager.  By default, the Module Manager shows the Modules tab first, but you can manage translations by selecting the Languages tab (see picture below).  This view allows you to […]

Admin Guide

Field Translations

Translating the Fields of the Modules The default language in the CRM system is English and therefore some of the fields in the modules may show in English when not translated individually. You can do and improve the translations to different languages in Settings → Translate Fields. The picture below shows the field translations of the Accounts […]

Admin Guide

Global Translations

Managing Global Translations With Global Translations it is possible to alter and translate commonly used terms and for example the menu titles in the CRM system. Therefore, they should not be used to make larger translations of the system but to adjust the terminology. You can examine and edit the Global Translations in Settings → under […]

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