2022-02-10, February Release Notes


  • KPI views in the Mass Events module

Each mass event now has a static KPI view which shows the event’s current number of registrations, cancellations and people in spare places.

  • Improvements in the Mass Events module

Module tools are now enabled in the module, the attendees’ and personnel’s role can be edited afterwards, the email triggers have improved validation and registration errors have more informative texts.

  • All attachments have been migrated to the new Files module

This does not affect the use of attachments or other files in either interface; in the legacy interface, the files attached to entities are still shown in the Attachments view of the entity. From now on, all files in the CRM will be entities in the Files module.

  • Improvements in inventory rows

Adding a new row automatically opens a dialog for selecting the product, saving clicks. The product’s usage unit is now shown after the Quantity header and accounting ID’s name is shown along with the ID.

  • Attached file’s information now has a tab for showing relations to other entities
  • An entity can now be opened in a new tab from the filter view
  • Improvements in product selection; the search now works only from the product icon and “No data available” text shown if a search does not give any hits
  • Fixes in e-sign; all files and signing parties’ names shown correctly
  • Fixes in home page Filter element; information is shown in full on mobile and the “Go to the list” link opens the correct filter
  • Fixes in the project expenses window
  • Fixes in KPI’s calculation
  • New relations enabled in the Report Generator,┬áincluding Mass Event registrations and Files’ relations to several modules
  • The Relations module now has static relation fields to most modules
  • Referrer information removed from external links
  • Fix in projects’ phase rows; price shown also in read mode in the legacy interface
  • Invoices’ Payment amount field now accepts negative numbers


  • Edits in e-invoice’s invoice message to ensure correct handling of the invoice
  • Improved error handling in invoice sending
  • Fix in consumers’ cancel message handling, if the invoice is targeted to an account


Self-Service Portal

  • Events can now have a header image in the event’s information page


Netvisor Connector

  • Possibility to identify the customer by either account number, code or external code


OP Connector

  • Possibility to enable dynamic field formulas


Postiviidakko Connector

  • Fixes in handling campaigns with a large number of contacts



  • Purchase orders and invoices created through REST now affect products’ stocks
  • The Relations module’s new static relation fields to other modules enabled
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