2022-09-1, September Release Notes

Update 1.9.2022 between 17-20 (+2 gmt)


  • Contacts’  Self-Service Portal access can now be maintained also in the new interface
  • New workflows for adding/removing Self-Service Portal access; the workflows enable automated access control
  • Invoice date in the mass events’ invoicing function can now be edited
  • Row fields now available for use in filters and charts
  • URL fields now support the latest URL standards
  • Deleting products has been prevented, if the product has been used on a quote/sales order/invoice or in a product bundle; if a user attempts this, they will get an error
  • The use of white space on entity cards have been unified
  • Possibility to use mass events as a relation in Relations module
  • Performance improvements in selection pop-ups
  • Performance improvements in rows’ saving
  • Thousand separators have been unified
  • Fix in home page calendars; the calendars can now show more activities than before
  • Fix concerning showing the value 0 in number fields
  • Fixes in home page graphs’ grouping
  • Fixes in triggers’ conditions
  • Possibility to enable SOAP calls to run workflows and dynamic field formulas for new API keys


  • The way invoices’ transfer status is received from Maventa has been changed


Self-Service Portal

  • Possibility to publish files in a material bank for the end customers to use


Payments Loader

  • Support for fetching transaction information to CRM from Danske Bank’s EDI web service

Received payments are created as payments in the CRM, and if the reference number matches one of an invoice in the CRM, the payment is linked with the invoice and account and/or contact.

If the total sum of the payments linked with an invoice is equal to or greater than the total of the invoice, the invoice status is changed to Paid.


Outlook Plugin

  • Improved error handling with uploading attachments to emails


Netvisor Connector

  • Performance improvements due to structural unification



  • New fields “registered_by” and “cancelled_by” in Mass Events’ registrations
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